Jiu-Jitsu Class
Koseido-ryu Crest

Although Koseido-ryu jiu-jitsu consists of practicing potentially dangerous and lethal techniques, the training is actually very safe and injuries beyond an occasional bump or bruise are uncommon. Most of the training involves practicing pre-arranged self-defense techniques where both the attacker and defender know what is going to happen beforehand. In this manner, potentially dangerous techniques can be practiced safely at full speed against an opponent attacking at full speed and full power.

At the South Park Martial Arts Center, Jiu-jitsu classes consist of predominantly working with a partner, taking turns practicing various self-defense techniques. To ensure safety, all techniques are initially taught with the attacker and defender performing the technique slowly until each person is comfortable with the technique. Only then do they gradually increase the speed and power of the attacks and defenses until they are performed at full speed and power. As a result of this method of training injuries are uncommon.

The training atmosphere in the jiu-jitsu classes is both friendly and serious. Since the focus of the training is on self-defense, not competition, the environment is one of mutual assistance rather than one where students feel they have to prove themselves at someone else’s expense. Although the training may be described as friendly and easy-going, there is an atmosphere of seriousness to the classes resulting from practicing self-defense techniques that if performed without regard to one’s opponent can severely injure them.

Free-style sparring and ground work is also practiced on a regular basis to acquire the benefits these training methods provide. However, due to the necessity of placing rules on this type of training for safety, they are not the focus of Koseido-ryu jiu-jitsu. In general, the most effective and usually dangerous techniques, such as attacks to the eyes and groin, are the first techniques to be banned in free-style competition. As a result, any type of fighting or training method that has rules is no longer realistic in comparison to a "street fight" which has no rules. Too much emphasis on these types of fighting and training methods usually leads to the student developing self-defense habits that do not include the most effective response, in addition to making the student susceptible to those same techniques that have been banned by the rules.