Kobudo Crest

The Allegheny County Budo-Kai has been offering instruction in Okinawan Kobudo in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh since 1992. Unlike other schools that dabble in weaponry, the Allegheny County Martial Arts Center offers a complete and comprehensive weapons training program. The classes in Okinawan Kobudo are completely separate from the other martial arts taught at the dojo. Taking classes in kobodo requires no previous martial arts experience.

As a result of this independence from other martial arts systems, the style of kobudo taught at the South Park Martial Arts Dojo can also be taken by people currently training in other martial arts. Most importantly, the dojo teaches authentic Okinawan Kobudo techniques. You will not get flashy meaningless techniques, but rather authentic, practical techniques developed over hundreds of years from actual fighting situations.

The Okinawan Kobudo program is run by Susan Sbuscio (5th degree black belt.) Instruction is available in the proper use of the following weapons.

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